We craft digital life that.

Forms Genuine Emotional Bonds

Suits Your Style

Transcends Digital Boundaries

MetaPals employs cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence to make your digital world feel more personal and emotional connection. We're about more than just games; we're about making meaningful connections in today's digital world.

Through innovative AI technologies and groundbreaking research partnerships with esteemed institutions like NTU and industry leaders like Google AI and Firebase, we're revolutionizing the way users engage with technology.

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We are Solving the Disconnect in the Digital Age and Craft Meaningful Digital Experiences

Imagine making a real difference in conservation or going on personalized quests with Hello Kitty—all while managing your emails and scrolling through social media. These partnerships bring in more users, different ways to make money, and make your overall experience even better!

Prepare for an extraordinary journey as we introduce our first companions from the iconic Teletubbies universe, launching in Q1 2024. Stay tuned as we reveal more iconic IP and brands coming your way. Don't miss out on the adventure—become a part of our community today to get the whitelist for early access!

Paths to Friendship

BFF List

(Best Friend Forever)

  • Budget-friendly rates.
  • Priority waitlist access for 2 exclusive IP collections.

BF List

(Best Friend)

  • Discounted pricing.
  • Priority waitlist access for 1 exclusive IP collection.

Friend List

(Limited Slot)

  • Standard pricing.
  • No priority access to exclusive IP collections.

*Users on the BFF and BF Lists who miss the minting period will only have the option to mint during the Public Mint slots.
Join our Discord to learn how to become a part of the BF/BFF list.

Business Model and Growth Strategy

New IP Companions

Meet our latest digital companions, each bringing their unique charm and personality.


Dive into immersive adventures with unique premium accessories and features, designed to enhance your gaming experience.

Brand Collabs

Seamlessly integrate game and brand characters into our companion experience, featuring product placements within gameplay.

Meet Our Investors

One of the leading smart contracts Proof of Stake blockchains.
One of the best accelerators in the world, with an acceptance rate of 1%.
European VC that backs founders building the interconnected elements that can become the fabric of our future.
Building the next generation of the internet (creators of IPFS and Filecoin).
U.S VC that invested in Pinterest, Dropbox, and Airbnb.

Discover the Potential of Tech and Gaming

What Our Users Say About Us

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user profile

Dhwani Vani

Really cute. Have been waiting for this to be launch for months. Cannot believe it is finally here.

user profile

Tue Anh Nguyen

I absolutely love it.

user profile


I have been playing with MetaPals since its launch and I am so impressed with how communicative and prompt and efficient the team behind this game is in resolving bugs based on our feedback! The graphics are so creative, cute, relatable and cheery-just what I need for long work days in front of my computer screen. I can’t wait to see more features, characters, interactions, accessories built into the extension of this chrome extension!!! Well done and congrats on the launch!!!

user profile

Karina Purnamasari

Love it! <3 the virtual pets so cute and adorable, have been waiting for this be launched and this so worth it!! :D

user profile

Cerise Sweet

Love how I have a cute companions at work and I won’t feel as lonely. Perks me up when I am having a tough time at work.


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